New Working Practises

Updated 2nd November 2020

It is now clear that “Normal” will not return for a long time, but in the meantime, we need to find a safe way of working. Work will continue on projects wherever possible.


The one person at a time on board, or in the work area will be strictly enforced and additional charges may be applied in this is prevented due to external infulences.


The pace of work is much slower than before as deliveries are taking longer and of course only one person can be on a vessel at any time. We can no longer guarantee a completion date.

Our workshop & demonstration room are closed to visitors. However after any lockdown period we can welcome one person at a time by appointment.

Before we can work on any project:

  • There must be no one else on board, preferably for at least 72 hours prior to work commencing.

  • We may use sanitising / disinfectant products at the client’s risk.

  • We must have contactless access to the marina / work area.

  • There must always be at least 2 metres between other people on site.

  • There must be unrestricted access to toilets and hand washing facilities where hot water is available.

 Sea trials are a cause for concern the following additional measures will be in place. Additionally sea trials may not take place during periods of lockdown.

  • Only essential personnel may be on board.

  • Everyone must certify that they have not displayed symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Face masks and gloves must be worn.

  • Sanitising products must be available.

  • Time on board must be kept to a minimum.