Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Covid-19 Impact Statement

The Covid-19 pandemic has, like every other business and person had a serious affect. Whilst we remain confident that we will survive the crisis there will be several changes that we will have to make although we will do our best to keep these to a minimum.

Effectively the Virus has hit the re-set button and wiped our diary clean. It has also left several key projects in a non-operational state. These projects are in areas we cannot currently travel to.  It has also had an impact on our research and development and demonstration facilities.  We do not intend to raise any prices; however, we cannot guarantee that supplier and transport costs will not rise. Currently Victron’s pricing and carriage costs remain the same. When restrictions are eased there will be a demand to complete existing projects and of course this is not going to be possible so we will have to prioritise projects according to the points set out below. Our advice is to forget the 2020 boating season and prepare for 2021. Whilst we cannot guarantee a time frame to complete projects, we WILL complete all current projects.

I believe that restrictions will not simply be lifted but gently eased. This will of course have an impact on our business and whilst we love visitors to our workshop, we may have to discourage this for the foreseeable future. We still want to keep in touch so we would encourage all clients to register on our web site, so that we can keep you informed. We may also have to regrettably enforce Clause 10.6 of our terms and conditions, possibly until a vaccine is found.

The key points of the impact of Covid-19 are:

  • The priority for all projects will be as follows.

    • Where safety is of paramount importance

    • Where there are commercial implications

    • Where there are logistical implications[1]

    • Where the client has registered on our web site[2]

  • Our terms and conditions will not change however we may have to strictly adhere to them to reduce the financial impact.

  • General announcements will only be available to registered clients or by visiting our web site.

  • Our office and workshop will only be available to visit by prior appointment until restrictions are eased.

  • All projects for clients not registered on our web site will have to pay the full cost of the project including predicted labour costs in advance.

  • Our prices will not rise except where suppliers or couriers increase the costs.



[1] The priority will be determined by the most efficient way of working. This will be to reduce our costs.

[2] Clients who have not registered will be given lower priority.

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