New Year 2021

With the recent Lockdown announced by the Prime Minister on the 4th on January looking like lasting until March and the damaging effect of Brexit we wanted to let you know what effect this will have on our business and what we are doing to make life easier.

Until the lockdown is lifted it will simply not be possible for non-commercial clients to visit their boats or our office, and we cannot let anyone else on board while we are working. To make it easier for clients to see progress we will produce regular updates with photos, and mini video. All this information will be available along with circuit diagrams, copies of estimates, invoices, warranty documents etc directly accessible by the client. We have recently moved all our company files to Dropbox, and we will be emailing links to our clients. This will enable you to view and upload documents and photos etc. If you have an ongoing project or a project completed last year you will receive an email inviting you to access the folder. This folder will only be accessible by the client and us. In addition, we are increasing the use of Facetime, Messenger Video, and Skype to enable us to hold face to face discussions often directly from the client’s vessel.

Brexit has had a damaging effect, and whilst supplier prices are looking like remaining stable, delivery times on almost all products are extended and more worryingly completely unpredictable. We anticipated this for our main suppliers, but this is happening with almost all suppliers. For urgent deliveries from our main EU suppliers there are hefty charges for the paperwork.

Anyone visiting our office, or vessels we are working on must scan our NHS QR code on arrival and record their temperature on arrival & departure. They must also carry a smart phone with the NHS app switched on and scanning.