Apply for an Account

Why Apply for an Account?

An account with UK Marine Electronics offers you access to significant discounts on technical advice, goods and labour. Key savings are shown below.

  • Reduced prices for technical advice. Typically 30% discount

  • Discount on Victron & Raymarine products. 10% off Raymarine, 12.5% off Victron.

  • Free Software updates. Normally £40

  • Half price installation on Raymarine.

  • Reduce price for designing. 30% discount.

  • Reduced labour prices. 20% Discount

  • Regular updates and special offers.

  • Access to members only area of our web site.

How does it work?

You will be asked to set up a Direct Debit with GoCardless. As you purchase goods and services you will be sent an invoice. The due date will typically be 5 days from the invoice date. On the due date GoCardless will remind you that the payment will be taken and the day later the payment will be taken and your invoice will be paid. This means that you can easily add additional work or parts without having to call in to pay in advance. 

If on receiving the invoice you find an error just let us know immediately and we will stop the payment being taken, and once any problems have been solved you can simply pay over the phone by card. No funds will be taken without you having an invoice sent by email.

The application is simple, just click the link below to send us an email requesting an account. We will then send you a link to sign up for the Direct Debit. This part of the process is handled by humans and not computers.

Simply fill in the form below, click join and we will be in touch shortly and send you a link to GoCardless. We will also send you a link inviting you to become a site member.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch shortly.


Q: Is this a credit account?

A: No, once an invoice is generated the funds fall due. The delayed due date is to allow you to check that everything is accurate.

Q: Do I have to pay in advance for all the goods & services?

A: All goods must be paid for in full before installation, as an account holder we would normally invoice the labour weekly.Non account holders need pay for the goods up front and make payments on account. Or register a credit card with us.

Q: What happens if there is a problem?

A: GoCardless is covered by the Direct Debit guarantee. We also treat all problems with urgency to get matters resolved quickly.

Q: Can I have the discounts if I am not an account holder or site member.?

A: Sorry but no. The discounts are only available to account holders and site members.

Q: I have placed an order with you, can I convert to an account and get the discount's?

A: You can open an account at any time. Discounts would apply from the sign up date on any future invoices. We will look at each application and if possible apply discounts on the labour portion.

Q: Am I going to get lots of junk mail?

A: No, we will only contact you with relevant offers (for example the Raymarine Boat Show offer.) We will also contact you to update you on the latest technological innovations, and to notify you of software updates.