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First Contact

It was Friday the 3rd June 2020 and I had just switched on my phone after my Air France Flight from Paris had landed in Nice. Within seconds the phone rang and not being in a hurry to join the mad rush to get off the plane I answered the call.  Now normally I wouldn't have considered such a thing as the last thing you want is to be dealing with airport matters whilst trying to hold what is normally a technical discussion.  On the other end of the line was Ian Herbert-Jones, explaining to me that he planned on entering the 2022 GGR. His boat, Puffin, was based in Pwllheli and the boat had already done the race. The electrics were shot and Victron had kindly agreed to supply  the parts free of charge. All he wanted was for someone to design and install the system for free. By now I was approaching Passport Control and had to terminate the call.

In 2007 I was approached by Anthony Taylor who planned (and successfully completed) a solo Atlantic row.  I designed and built Anthony's rowing boat electrics on the principle of two service batteries, each totally independent with each circuit on the boat being able to use either one of the power supplies. Despite the challenging conditions met crossing the Atlantic Anthony arrived safely with the electrical system fully functioning.

I like a challenge so by the time I had cleared baggage reclaim and climbed into the back of the blacked out Mercedes. (I was working a on  a Superyacht Project) the decision was made.  Not only was it made, I had designs floating around my head and I had pretty much decided on the batteries we needed.

To quote Ian "Serendipity has been my greatest friend in this project"


Left: Anthony posing on Albatross.

Right. The nearest I would get to rowing the Atlantic on sea trials at Conwy

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