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Busy Times In Whitehaven

Its only Wednesday and we have already installed one Quantum Doppler Radar on a Princess Motor Boat. A 12 inch Axiom display on a 47 foot Jeanneau yacht as part of the expansion of his system. He is also having a Quantum Radar. This afternoon a Simrad autopilot along with sea trials. We have also specified a GEL battery system for a Niesmann+ Bischoff Luxury Motor Home. Still to come another radar install in Fleetwood, and drawings for a Lithium power system for a new range of Motorhomes. With new orders for two more autopilots it looks like we might be busy for a while yet.

Upgrading the electronics on this stunning yacht.

Next week is one of my favourite jobs. The annual service and inspection of the Nith Inshore lifeboat, along with software updates for the Raymarine system we installed a couple of year ago. Absolutely nothing to do with having to stay at the Nith Hotel and eat one of their 16Oz T bone steaks.

Whitehaven Marina on a sunny summer morning.

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