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Covid-19 The Future

With the lockdown in the UK extended to the 7th May and possibly until the 28th May or beyond we are looking at our options for the future. One thing is certain, that after the lockdown is over life will not return to normal for a considerable period. It is inevitable that social distancing measures will need to remain in place for many months to come.

Life will return to normal slowly and your boat will still be there in the future. We all need to be patient and look to the future.

Forget 2020 Plan for 2021

When lockdown was announced we were in busiest part of our pre-season work. A major refit project taking place in France had to be abandoned, the annual revamp of our demonstration equipment can no longer take place, a planned trip to work on a clients boat in Gibraltar had to be postponed, and numerous other projects both in Whitehaven and the North West also had to be dropped. Effectively a big RE-SET button has been pressed. As life begins to return to normal many boat owners will want to have their boats ready to enjoy the summer season. We need to accept this is simply not going to happen. Our advice is to forget 2020 and plan for 2021, this year is the year to get your boats ready for what will hopefully be a fantastic season next year.

Slow Re-Start

The government advice is to stay at home unless you cannot work from home. Clearly, we cannot work on boats from home and while we have been designing future projects and staying away, we are now considering ways in which we can safely return to work. We have assed the risks in starting to work from Whitehaven Boatyard and believe that provided owners of boats in the yard adhere to the Government rules we could slowly re-open operations in Whitehaven. To do this safely the only people in the yard would have to be the tenants of the boatyard businesses. Initially work would be limited to our own projects to prepare for the future, but there are a few projects in the yard we could continue to work on. Unfortunately, we could not work on any projects outside of the boatyard. With this in mind, we are considering returning to work on the 21st April for three days a week. This of course could change depending on a safe working environment being available at Whitehaven and any change in Government Instructions.


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