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Raymarine Cannes Software Released

Raymarine has finally released the long awaited Cannes Software for the Axiom Multifunction displays. We have been waiting for this update as it allows integration with Victron on board power systems. It couldn't have come at a better time as today we are starting an installation in Whitehaven of a complete suite of electronics including a full set of sailing instruments, and a Victron power system.

At the heart of the integration is a Victron Venus unit which will allow the two systems to talk to each other as well as allowing remote monitoring of the vessels power systems, and ultimately bilge alarms.

The same screen as can be viewed on the VRM remote portal can be viewed on the Raymarine Axiom Display as well as a new screen displaying information about connected products.

We will be posting frequent updates on the project so keep checking back. Don't forget if you are an Axiom owner you will need to update your software especially if your system is under warranty. You can update yourself on line or the cost for us to update is £40. For UKMEL site members the update in Whitehaven is free.

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