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Save Your Batteries

There is nothing worse than arriving at your boat to find the batteries are flat. There are many reasons for a flat battery from leaving something switched on accidentally to failure of the marina shore power. The fact is that once discharged for any period of time you will need to replace the batteries .

Fortunately we have a solution to that. Novembers product of the Month is the Smart Battery Protect range from Victron Energy. These economical devices cost little more than a good quality battery switch, but they do so much more. Take a look at the in depth article on the UK Marine Electronics Web Site. Not only do they protect your batteries from completely discharging they can also be used as a remote battery isolator, and can even be operated from your smart phone via a Blue Tooth connection.

Take a look now to see how this amazing range of devices can help save you money and the disappointment of flat batteries.

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1 Comment

Roy Elliott
Roy Elliott
Sep 27, 2021

This was a lovely blog ppost

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