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Victron & Raymarine Project

This week we started the project to install a Victron system and Raymarine system on a yacht here in Whitehaven. What is unique about this project is that for the first time the two systems can talk to each other very simply. The whole process was filmed by Jono, who produces professional videos for Victron Energy. In a couple of weeks the video will go live on the Victron Web site and You Tube.

The project involves a 7.5KW Lithium battery system. As part of the project we have solved the problem of low temperature charging with Lithium Batteries. It also has an inverter charger, Solar system and at the heart is a Venus GX which not only monitors and controls the system, but also send data to the VRM portal for remote monitoring. The Raymarine system is the full sailing works including the set of three sailing instruments, a 12" Axiom display, AIS transponder and various interfaces to allow communication between the older autopilot and VHF radio.

When the project is complete we will publish full details, photos, and videos on our web site. This is the type of project we love, full of problems to solve and finding unique solutions.

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