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WOW What a Warranty

Its not often that Raymarine products go wrong, but like everything electronic from time to time things do go wrong. Especially when you stick hi tech electronics out side to be sprayed with seawater.

Its nice to know that when things go wrong that yo have back up. For customers who have purchased an had their Raymarine equipment installed by an authorised service dealer they rest assured that for the next three years they are covered.

Just recently we have had a couple of incidents where Raymarine have excelled themselves. Earlier this year a customer sailed into Whitehaven having had a system installed by a dealer down South. The Axiom display out side was showing signs of failure and was a couple of months outside of the warranty period. We sent the unit away to get a price for repair, a couple of weeks later Raymarine supplied a brand new unit free of charge, despite being out of warranty.

Last week we attended a yacht in Preston Marina. The es series display was having a few minor issues. The system had been fitted by Foxes Marina at Ipswich and had a three year on board warranty. The es series is now obsolete but Raymarine have chosen to replace it with a new Axiom Pro. There will be no charges for the customer as the cost of swapping it out will be covered by Raymarine.

So before you buy cheap on line and fit it yourself, just think of the cost if things go wrong.

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