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To protect Puffin’s electrics from the harsh environment, all the electrical systems are built into watertight boxes or modules. The main power module is the largest of these modules.

The power module will be located behind the chart table seat. It comprises two waterproof enclosures fastened together to make one somewhat strange, shaped enclosure. This was needed to fit into the available space. The enclosure is manufactured from resilient polycarbonate to resist the elements and keep all the electronics safe no matter what the ocean throws at (or into) the boat. The front of the enclosure is clear so that the numerous indicator lights can be viewed without opening the enclosure. This will allow diagnosis of any potential problems without risking the components inside.

In the lead up to the race the status of the various components can be seen on a mobile device via Bluetooth connections. It can also be seen on the VRM portal allowing us to monitor and diagnose any issues and find ways of making the system better. During the race Ian will not be allowed a mobile device but the flashing lights will indicate any problems.

All joints have been sealed with 3M 4200 a tough but flexible adhesive sealant, and the screws holding the components to base plate all have tread lock applied.  Every effort has been made to protect the components inside. All the major parts have been supplied by Victron Energy and are noted for their innovative designs and reliability.

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