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We have been Raymarine Service dealers for the last 5 years. Our installations are carried out by BMET qualified and Raymarine trained installer. As service dealers any installation is covered by Raymarine' s 3 year on board warranty ensuring trouble free navigation wherever you go.   

We supply and install a wide range of systems ranging from a simple VHF to complex custom designed projects. Our speciality is the weird and wonderful so if you are looking for something a little different we can help.

Our demonstration workshop in Whitehaven has a wide range of Raymarine demonstration equipment linked to experimental equipment such as Engine Monitoring,  AIS, Digital Switching and of course Victron Energy systems.

Itama 75. Raymarine MFD

Our flagship installation on this stunning Itama 75. The system comprises a Quantum Doppler Radar, a 16" Axiom Pro and two 12" Axiom displays. The engine data from the two MTU engines is displayed, along with tank levels for fuel, fresh, grey and black water. A 3D sonar is also installed. 

One of the more challenging tasks was to accurately display  the position of the Arneson Drives and Flaps (Trim Tabs). This was achieved using digital switching components and writing special graphic screens. The research was carried out in Whitehaven, and the system installed in Palma. We carry out annual inspection and calibration visits where ever she happens to be, this year in Antibes.

This installation on a Sealine F42-5 is another example of our specialised services. The installation including Quantum Doppler Radar, two Axiom Displays, 3D sonar, autopilot and fuel gauge integration was carried out on Lake Windermere. She was then transported to Gibraltar where we assisted with the launch from the deck of the cargo ship Ellensgracht, after rebuilding the radar arch and reconnecting various electrical services we returned a few weeks later to take her for a trip up to Estepona to show the clients how to use all the new equipment.  Like many of our clients the relationship is ongoing  with regular conversations and software updates to ensure that the system continues to perform perfectly.

Sealine F42-5. Gibraltar. Raymarine System
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