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Terms of Business

Here at UK Marine Electronics we aim to bring you the most innovative and cost-effective solutions to your Marine Electronic & Electrical needs. Please take a moment to understand how we work to achieve your needs.


UK Marine Electronics specialises in innovative designs of marine electronic and power systems. We work hard to design one off systems and we aim to provide a professional, and innovative service to all our clients both large and small. In return we ask that our clients understand the way that we work, what you can expect frm us adn what we expect in return. In this section "Terms of Business" we try to explain this in simple terms. The legal bit can be found under Terms & Conditions.

Designs & Intelectual Property

In all but the most basic of projects we produce a number of designs. Initially we produce a "Concept" Drawing. These concept drawings are usually produced free of charge. However, they remain our intellectual property and you agree not to share them without our express permission in writing. On completion of your project we will issue you with the final circuit or layout diagram once the final invoice has been paid. These diagrams are for your personal use only for the purposes, of understanding or assisting a future repairer to carry out work. You agree not to use them to reproduce the system elsewhere or to act as a basis for other designs. You can pay an additional fee in which case the intellectual property in that design will be licenced for your un-restricted use. 

A sample concept drawing can be seen here. 

Responsibilities Defined

Unless the project is to completely re-wire your vessel we will always have to contend with the efforts of previous owners and sometimes even boatbuilders. It is important that we are clear where our responsibilities start and end. During an initial survey we will usually find the worst parts of the electrical system,  however it is only when we start to work on the project that all the unknowns come to light. It is unreasonable to expect us to find very problem on a boat and therefore it is vital that our clients understand that there will be times when things dont work quite as expected. We often fix minor problems as part of the project but when more in depth work is reuired this is outside the scope of the project and any additional work is chargeable at our standard rates. We will always consult you before carrying out additional work. You also have a responsibility to us not to tamper or modify the system as designed and supplied by us in any way. Should any modification, alteration, or other form of tampering with the installation be attempted the warranty will be cancelled and we reserve the right to make any charges needed to put the system right.

Time Scales & Delays

We operate in an outdoor environment & in a very large geographical area. There are frequently times when we cannot carry out the work that was planned, due to adverse weather conditions, unavailability of sub contractors, or failure of deliveries. These can have large knock on effects, and are beyond our control. Whilst we will always endeavour to complete projects in a timely manner we do not give any guarantee of completion dates. 

Warranties & Guarantees

All our work carries a 12 month guarantee. The guarantee is at Whitehaven. This means that we will rectify any fault free of charge at Whitehaven, if the vessel is located elsewhere, we reserve the right to charge travel and accommodation costs at our discretion. Equipment warranties are the responsibility of the manufacturer, these vary considerably from 3 years on board for Raymarine products supplied and installed by us to a limited 5 year warranty on Victron products. Battery warranty is subject to the owner being able to prove that no battery abuse (flattening the battery, too high or low a temperature incorrect charging) has taken place. Ultimately the decision will be with the battery manufacturer., in the event that a returned battery is found by the manufacturer to have been abused you agree to pay all transportation and diagnostic costs.


In general terms all parts must be paid for in advance and before they are ordered. All additional costs and labour charges must be paid for on completion and before the vessel is moved. The easiest way is by signing up for "Go Cardless". This is a direct debit scheme and paymnent is taken from your account on the due date shown on the invoice. This avoids additional charges detailed in our terms and conditions. Our prefered payment emthod is by credit transfer, but we can accept credit and debit cards for smaller amounts or larger amounts provided you agree to pay the fees. We can accpet cash for small amounts and by prior arrangements. Unfortunatley we cannot accept cheques or PayPal under any circumatsnces. Should a vessel be removed before paymenmt in full is made we reserve the right to make any charges incurred inlcuding travel & labour to loctae the vessel.

Sea Trials

Where necessary a sea trial must be carried out. Sea trials are normally carried free of charge to a maximum of 2 hours and at Whitehaven. The final invoice must have been paid for in full before the sea trail commences. We reserve the right to make  a charge if we need to travel to carry out the sea trial. You agree to pay all costs of the sea trial such as locking fees, fuel etc. If we advise a sea trail and this is not carried out all warranties will be cancelled. If underwater work has been carried out such as fitting transducers we must be present at the launch to inspect for leaks, we will not accept any liability whatsoever if a vessel is launched without us being present.

Please read the following pages "Covid-19" and "Terms & Conditions"
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