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Grenline Hybrid Boat
Upgrade to Victron system on Greenline Hybrid boat.

We are proud to be dealers for Victron Energy products. Victron are probably the most innovative company when it comes to energy systems. They have also proved to produce extremely reliable products. We specialise in the design and supply of power systems for  Marine, Off grid and Mobile applications.  

Victron Marine systems  integrate with Multifunction displays giving you up to date information on the state of your on board power systems.  The Venus and Color Control system monitoring offers remote monitoring and control of a wide range of parameters. You can even start your generator remotely.

Off Grid is an increasing market. We have homes with energy storage systems and full off grid systems including an Off Grid farm which we remotely monitor.

We specialise in Lithium battery systems and our designs and installations can be found in homes, yachts, and off road adventure trucks.  Again the weird and wonderful is what we like and should you find yourself on the Ffestiniog Railway visit the Buffet Car (Carr125) where the old diesel generator has been replaced with a Victron Power System specified and supplied by us.

Whilst our speciality is design and install you can choose to simply buy products or we can design and supply for you to install yourself.

VRM Portal
Remote Monitoring of this 30KW three phase system on an Off Grid Farm.
Davi Cowper. Polar Bound
Instalation of Lithium System on this Famous Vessel. Polar Bound>
Hjalmar Bjorge
A new Lithium battery system and Inverter Charger on this Island Cruise Ship.
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