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In September 2022 Ian and Puffin set off on their round the world adventure. Despite half teh competitors dropping out of tehg race both Ian and Puffin are going strong. Follow their progress on the GGR web site.

In 2022 Ian Herbert-Jones and his Tradewind 35 “Puffin” will set off on what is probably the toughest round the world race. Ian and Puffin (and their electrical system) will face brutal conditions during the 30 000-mile Non-Stop solo circumnavigation.

In this day of high tech electronics and permanent connectivity wherever you are on the planet the Golden Globe is the antithesis of the modern world. The GGR is all about back to basics, back to an age when an understanding of the fundamental principles was key to the devlopment of the technology that rules our lives today. So it is with the 2022 GGR. Navigation is dependant on the stars and paper charts the very principles on which modern chart plotters work but have been forgotten by many modern boaters, The electrical system is essentially also very basic but built using the most reliable and proven components available and protected in watertight enclosures where depandability and ruggedness is the order of the day.
Follow our Journey with Puffin as we design and build his electical system, monitor and test everything in the lead up to the race, to seeing him set off from Les Sables-d'Olonne on his epic voyage, and finally welcoming him back in 2023.

If you have a spare hour  take a look at the video below. It gives a fascinating insight into Robin Knox Johnson and the start of the Golden Globe challenge. 

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