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Lithium System for Motorhome

Premium Lithium power system designed for a company converting Mercedes vans. 

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The system comprises two 150AH Smart Lithium LiFePo4 batteries. Inherently safe, these batteries provide all the poweer needed on board. At the heart of the system  is a 3KW Victron Multiplus providing uninterpupted AC power. The external Battery Management System (BMS) allows control of the Multiplus to prevent over charging and discharging. The BMS also shuts down the DC system via the Smart Battery Protect. Spare electrical power is taken from the engines alternator via a Buck Boost unit. The Buck Boost is essential on vehicles with Euro 6 engines and to protect the alternator from damage.

The whole system is monitored by the Color Control, and battery monitor. The state of the batteries, charging, DC & AC loads are all displayed on the Color Control. Remote monitoring and control is also possible allowing the owner to remotely monitor the system and receive alarms. It also allows us to remotely diagnose and update the system.

Since the system was designed last year the new Victron Cerbo unit has been relased, running the same software there is a separate touch screen display and more inputs allowing monitoring of tanks, temperatures and even security sensors. The separate battery monitor is now replaced by the Smart Shunt.

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