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Golden Globe 2022

This week saw the start of a three year project on Puffin. One of the entrants for the 2022 Golden Globe Race. She will be skippered by Ian Herbert-Jones.

The Golden Globe is a brutal solo, round the world race using only the most rudimentary of systems. He will not be allowed the luxury of GPS, or any modern navigation systems. Navigation will be by compass and Sextant. He is not even allowed a watermaker, all his fresh water has to be collected from rain water.

During the passage he will not be allowed to land or have any assistance from the outside world.

Whilst this is Ian's first Golden Globe Race, his boat "Puffin" has already been around the world in the 2018 race where she finished 4th, skippered by Istvan Kopar. So tough is the race that only five of the eighteen entrants finished. When I asked who won? the answer was that if you finish you are a winner.

Over the next few months we will be designing and installing the electrical system which will have to withstand the harshest environments. Ian is planning a shake down race, the Two Star race from scheduled for 9th May 2021 will be a test of the systems. The main race leaves from Les Sables d’Olonne on Sunday 24th September 2022. We hope to be there to see here off and welcome her back the following June.

Victron is supplying the equipment free of charge and we will be in charge of design and installation of the systems. A big responsibility as a power failure would the end of race for Puffin as despite the simplicity of the race, the safety systems are all dependant on a reliable power system.

Follow the design, installation and highlights of the race here. We hope to have live feeds from the vessel during both the Twostar and Golden Globe race.

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